WhatsApp beta version, users can now send video messages

WhatsApp is introducing a range of fresh functionalities to its beta testers on various platforms. One of the noteworthy additions is the exclusive feature of video messages, which will be accessible solely on mobile devices. Yes, you heard it correctly! In addition to transmitting audio recordings, WhatsApp is gearing up to allow users to send video messages too.

Now record a 60-second video message in WhatsApp beta version

According to WABetaInfo, the current functionality in the beta version operates as follows: Users need to tap the microphone button located beside the chat bar, which will then transform into a new camera icon. By pressing this button, users can record a brief 60-second clip that can be easily shared with contacts for swift communication purposes.

WhatsApp is reportedly developing a feature similar to Snapchat, allowing users to send clips that can be played with or without audio. Upon receiving the clip, the recipient has the option to tap the file to enlarge it and listen to the audio. However, it remains unclear whether these clips will automatically delete themselves after a certain period, unlike Snapchat’s ephemeral nature.

WhatsApp video messages

According to a recent post by WABetaInfo, it appears that video messages sent on WhatsApp might be automatically deleted shortly after being sent. However, the post also clarifies that these videos will not be sent in “view once” mode, suggesting there could be some flexibility in the way video clips are shared. Similar to other content on WhatsApp, video messages will be safeguarded by the platform’s end-to-end encryption, guaranteeing complete privacy. It’s important to note that forwarding video messages to other users will not be possible, as they are intended solely for the recipient’s eyes.

How to Get the Beta Version for Android Users

In order to experience video messages, Android users can now download the beta version by joining the Google Play Store Beta Program and updating to the latest version. If you don’t see the update yet, keep an eye out for future patches. Currently, only a select few testers have access to this feature, but Meta plans to gradually release it to more users in the coming weeks. It’s important to note that the recipients of your video messages also need to be a part of the beta program; otherwise, the feature will not work for them.

Availability for iPhone Users

Although the beta version is available for iPhone users, the iOS program is currently closed to new participants. If you’re not already a member of Apple’s TestFlight service for WhatsApp, you’ll have to wait for the official launch to enjoy video messaging on iOS.

WhatsApp Expands Features for Windows Users

In addition to its recent smartphone update, WhatsApp is bringing exciting new features to its beta app for Windows. One notable addition is screen-sharing for video calls, a feature previously introduced on Android. The Windows version of WhatsApp’s desktop app functions similarly, featuring a screen-sharing icon located in the bottom control panel. This enables users to easily share their screens during video calls, enhancing collaboration and communication.

Moreover, WhatsApp is introducing a convenient call-back button for swiftly returning missed calls. While seemingly small, this upgrade proves to be a valuable addition for users, streamlining their communication experience and enabling them to promptly respond to missed calls.

With these new features on the horizon, Windows users can look forward to an enhanced WhatsApp experience that facilitates seamless video calling and efficient call management.

To experience the following functionalities, simply install WhatsApp Beta from the Microsoft Store—no complications involved.


Furthermore, WhatsApp seems to be working towards enhancing user convenience by introducing a feature that allows individuals to manage multiple accounts on a single Android device.

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